Compared to the common Neon tubes, the Led Neon Flex:

Is safer: you can touch the sign even when it's on because it works with only 12V. They do not emit heat and or sound, making them the perfect product for furniture.
Anti-breakage: it is built on a board of acrylic material that is stronger than classic neon glass tubes.
Is brighter: the Neon Led Flex signs have 6% more brightness than the common neon.
Is simpler: the signs are mounted on a rigid support that allows you to move them easily.
Consumes less: powered at 12 V it consumes almost as much as a domestic light bulb.
Looks very good: no big wires and bulky transformers that ruin the aesthetics of the product.

Our mission is to create and give life to your ideas in the most fascinating way. We believe that the neon led light is so sensual and enveloping that it can give a unique atmosphere to your home, office or place you love. For us, quality and customer satisfaction come first, thanks to these handmade masterpieces. Are you ready to give a new look to your empty and gray wall?

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